Why You Cannot Miss Sonus Festival 2019

Why You Cannot Miss Sonus Festival 2019


For a perfect summer vacation, Sonus Festival is what you need. The best of electronic music is accompanied by amazing locations and lots of sports and activities for those who never have enough.

Sonus Festival is hold on a small island of Croatia, where you can have the chance to listen to over 40 famous DJs, such as Adriatique, Amelie Lens and Andrea Oliva playing open air, whilst enjoying the crystal clear Adriatic sea and sunsets. Parties are in fact both indoor and outdoor, like boat parties, where music is not the only part you are going to love.

While lining up Pag offers all the comforts you need, like enjoying the sun, food and the adrenaline rush.

Pag Island is also a perfect location for its landscapes and natural beauties. Stretching along 3,600 miles (5,790km), the coast dazzles with shimmering bays, exceptionally clear water and some of the most secluded little beaches you will ever discover.

Discover more now on the Sonus Festival Website.