"Self Will" A Mix of Hard House, Acid and Techno Music

"Self Will" A Mix of Hard House, Acid and Techno Music


The Berlin-based Polish DJ and producer, Martyna Maja released her new debut, Self Will, last November. Rave fans can now enjoy the best of techno mixed with industral, acid, hard house and EMB.

Martyna Maya, also known under the name of VTSS, during an interview with I-D magazine, confessed that Self Will reflects her hard work and will to go far. She feels focused, intense, but yet an inner peace.

Here's the track list:

December - Night of Nights 
Evil Dust - Yes
Kuldaboli - Trudu þinum eigin audum 
Voiron - Let's Voiron (Craigie Knowes) 
Effet Rose - Dance for me 
Body Beat Ritual - Instinct Primitive (VTSS Remix) 
AIROD - Physical Pressure 
Unit Moebius - Necroid 
Minimum Syndicat - 5400 Degrees 
Mas - Elle est borgne 
Adam x - Digital eyes 
Randomer - Hidden 
The Advent - Untitled Lost 
VTSS - CET Unlimited 
Bjarki - 123 Here 2 
Mike Dearborn - Defeat 
New Frames - In the Night 
Chaotic Ramses - War 
VTSS - Versatility 
The Horrorist - Flesh is the fever 
Cypher - Skyhigh (Rave Creator's Black Gold Mix)

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Photography Marta Michalak.