Jerry Hsu's New Photo Book Of Smart Phone Pictures

Jerry Hsu's New Photo Book Of Smart Phone Pictures

Jerry Hsu, a California-based photographer and talented pro-skateboarder, is about to release his second debut, The Beautiful Flower Is the World, with Anthology Editions. Hsu's fame took off after publishing curated cell phone photos on his own blog, NAZI GOLD, launched in 2009 , together with traditional photography and film practices. The blog shows unplanned snapshots of friends and strangers, skate culture, roadside curiosities, juxtapositions and anything else that he deemed shareable.

Over the years, the site grew from an exercise in visual notetaking into a uniquely humorous embodiment of Hsu's artistic sensibility. The Beautiful Flower Is the World pictures his creative and ironic vision of the modern world.

The title is taken from a photo of a t-shirt Hsu found and documented. The Beautiful Flower Is the World is an artistic expression of the American culture with photography, capturing everything from bootleg t-shirts and bathroom stall graffiti to unexpected truths and the occasional subtleties of human folly – from childish fun with a shopping basket over a young boys head to a snap of Spiderman peering from a window ledge.

Hsus Instagram @internetfamous has reached 150K followers who are interested in his multifaceted life as a pro skateboarder, artist and a voyeur. 

The Beautiful Flower Is the World will be released on May 21st, 2019 in Las Vegas first and then spread abroad.