Destination Marrakech

Destination Marrakech

For those ones who are still indecisive about where to spend the summer, Marrakech is one of the top destinations to go to for both fun and relax. Its old town is living organism, because of its great history that spills over with souks, hostels, colours and traditions, perfect for those travellers who want to get lost in the ancient Medina.

Angsana Riads, a collection of pretty and moderately-priced riads from the Banyan Tree hotel group, are where to go - each house offers spacious, colourful rooms set around a courtyard (pictured), with rooftop terraces.

If you're more interested in chilling by a mega pool then the Four Seasons is probably what you need. Set on just out of town, it’s a sprawling, calming oasis of swimming pools, sun loungers and, well, sun. You can visit as a day guest, or book a night or two to get away from the chaos of the Medina.

In terms of what to do, here are 3 top activities that you shouldn't miss out:

1. Go to shop in the souks. Shopping there is completely different from what you're used to - you’re going to get totally lost, before a child leads you down a to his uncle’s rug shop. Most of the time, those rugs are going to be really nice! But remember to negotiate the price and don't feel under pressure to buy! 

2. Drink Maroccan wine at Cafe Arabe. Since you're going to a Muslim place, alcohol is not that easy to find, but if you do find some it is going to be extra special: Cafe Arabe is an outdoor, top-floor bar with lovely rooftop views. Most people book tables for 8pm or so, but you can enjoy great Moroccan rosé at any time. It’s one of the only bars in the medina, and worth a visit for the setting alone.

3. Obviously if you go to Morocco you can't not go to the desert! Arrange a half-day quad bike or buggy tour with Dunes & Desert and you can tear up some sand while breaking free from the close confines of the city. You’ll bounce over some impressive rocky landscape, have some lunch with a Berber family and get sand in places that you didn’t even know existed.

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